Rig-Tig mechanical carafe cleaner by Stelton

  • dimensions : diam. 6.5cm, H5.8cm
  • silicone plug, stainless steel chain
  • polycarbonate base with no phtalates or BPA
  • compatible with most carafes with necks
  • design: Formfjord (Berlin, Germany)
  • carafe not included (!)


Rig-Tig carafe cleaner - 16.99 € TTC


3 good reasons

  • once upon a time, you simply stocked your wine in a cellar, but today things are more complicated:  you must decant in a carafe, savor, and then...clean the carafe 
  • you drink tap water, but where you live the water is very hard and you are looking for a simple and easy alternative to white vinegar treatments to get rid of chalky residue
  • you like instant and mechanical cleaning processes

how does it work?

  bouchon universel et support élégant pour ce nettoyeur de carafe intelligent

A rustic mechanical system!

  • fill the carafe with water and dish-washing liquid
  • slide the chain inside, place the plug on the neck
  • holding the plug, shake the carafe
  • and voila, it's clean

Conical plug: adapts to necks with diameters from 15mm to 60mm

base: after use, store the plug in its elegant white base, which matches the Rig-Tig storage boxes.


Easy?  You won't believe it until you see it!


elegant - Formfjord design for Stelton's Rig-Tig brand: pure and simple shapes

useful - finally, a way of cleaning that blasted wine carafe, shaped ideally for wine but not at all for cleaning

durable - water, stainless steel chain, and a little elbow grease:  minimalist, no?