signage - acrylic outdoor Design Letters

  • dimensions : letters: height 8 cm - variable width
  • numbers: height 15 cm - variable width
  • material: robust black acrylic
  • design: Danish Design Agency E-types


3 good reasons

  • you think first impressions are essential and care for elegant marking
  • you are a huge fan of the simple and refined Scandinavian design
  • you like (to play with) words, you want to turn them into decorative objects or simply into nice signalling

how does it work?


First of all, you need to choose the letters of the alphabet or the figures necessary to create your project, number, word or phrase.

To achieve this, use the scroll down menu above and add to your cart one by one each of the figures or letters required. The quantity can be modified on the shopping cart page (click on Apply to take into account the quantity required).

The acrylic figures and letters presented here are designed for outdoors (solid acrylic), but can naturally be used indoors (for indoor only use, see wooden figures and letters)



To create your words or phrases, there are numerous possibilities. Close together, spaced out, offset, vertically or else at an oblique: it's your call.

To have your letters nicely aligned we recommend you draw lines with a spirit level and calculate the required gaps.


For solid fixing outdoors, you will need to get hold of glue that is adapted to your surface and the climate. Epoxy glues are the most resistant and are easy to use.

For temporary fixing, self-adhesive pads are available in the scroll down menu (double-sided foam adhesive, available in 2 formats). These can also be used to arrange figures or letters prior to more definitive fixing.


What can you do with mobile letters to fix?

  • office signalling
  • mural decorations
  • fleeting messages
  • word games or love notes
  • street numbers
  • captions for pictorial works
  • restaurant menus


fun - you like Scrabble, you will therefore like assembling Design Letters.

design - a typography that is resolutely design and Scandinavian referring among other things to the typography from the 30s and 40s.

versatile - for a temporary event or signalling on your gate