signage - wooden letters for indoor use

  • dimensions : 12 cm high - variable width
  • wood
  • non toxic black paint
  • design: Danish Design Agency E-types


3 good reasons

  • you need to create a signage system inside an office or at home, and your aesthetic requirements do not allow the use of simple A4 sheets that are cut out and fixed with sticky tape.
  • you like quotations with meaning and wish to put up your favourite one in your home so that your friends and family can enjoy it.
  • you create booths for trade shows, do up shops, restaurants or other public places, or manage the museography or scenography of exhibitions and other shows: you already know what to do with this decorative typography that looks amazing!

how does it work?


Priority n°1: get hold of the numbers and letters necessary to make your project a reality (numbers, phrases, words...). To achieve this, use the scroll down menu above and add to your cart one by one each of the numbers or letters required. The quantity can be modified on the shopping cart page (click on Apply to take into account the quantity required).


planche Design Letters signalétique à coller intérieur


To create your words or phrases, there are numerous possibilities. Close together, spaced out, offset, vertically or else at an oblique: it's your call.

To have your letters nicely aligned we recommend you draw lines with a spirit level and calculate the required gaps.



Before fixing the letters, remove the protection kraft paper at least from the side to stick. You can remove the other side when you have finished fixing the letters, which will avoid all risk of making the external side of the letters dirty.

Possible methods:

Glue: permanent and very solid. Choose glue that suits wood and your surface, bearing in mind that neoprene and epoxy glues will do the trick. It is essential that the letter, once glued, does not move: in order to achieve this, either fix a batten under the letters (which will maintain them perfectly at the right height during the drying phase), or use an efficient adhesive to maintain the letters in position (beware however not to damage the surface with the adhesive)

Blu-tac or equivalent: perfect if you want a temporary fixing and if your surface does not stain when you remove the blu-tac. Beware, blu-tac can stick to the letters after use. However a light cleaning with white spirit will do. Blu-tac must me placed in small quantities on different parts of each letter for efficient fixing. One last point: blu-tac does not agree with damp areas.

Double-sided sticky tape: always at your DIY store or your creative hobbies stationer's. You will find different widths and more or less strong adhesion. Ask for advice depending on the type of surface you want to fix your letters to.

Double-sided pads (on sale here):in principle designed for outdoor acrylic letters, they can be used for wooden letters. Easy, practical and efficient, this is a very simple solution.


Why use an indoor signage system?

At the office, in a company, at an event/ trade show / exhibition:

  • signs for toilets, waiting room, coffee machine
  • writing of instructions, names of people or departments
  • caption for exhibit, description of products
  • security instructions, warnings, signalling danger

At home:

  • mural decorations, quotes, messages, puns
  • material for creative hobbies
  • marking of room doors
  • security instructions, warnings, signalling danger


functional: perfect for practical signage at the office as well as at home.

fun: creating words or phrases from your imagination is pleasant, putting them up is even better!

design: a typography that is resolutely design and Scandinavian referring among other things to the typography from the 30s and 40s.