simple and powerful neodymium magnets

  • dimensions : see details below
  • weight : see details below
  • tariff code : 8505.1100
  • powerful neodymium magnets
  • excellent size/bonding ratio
  • made in China (they all are...)
  • RoHS compliant (free of toxic substances)


3 good reasons

  • you are contemplating buying adjustable Infoboard bulletin boards for magnets or magnetic sticky tape and want to get neodymium magnets straight away
  • you want magnets
  • you are fascinated by science and/or obsessed with magnets and want to carry out magnetic experiences

how does it work?

Magnets have fascinated mankind for centuries, but not before the XVth century were they described in a scientific manner (Wiliam Gilbert). Legend says a Greek shepherd named Magnès (from the Magnesia region in the north of Greece) found himself stuck to a black rock already 4,000 years ago (he was wearing hobnailed shoes).

They are now found in numerous objects in our daily life, notably in all electric motors. Without going into technical considerations, note that neodymium magnets are the most powerful permanent magnets (black magnets made of ferrite, more common, bond much less strongly).

Neodymium magnets are on the whole without danger for your health, do not contain any toxic material, but we insist on the following safety measures:

  1. our range of neodymium magnets is composed of very small models, all inferior to 1cm: it is therefore ABSOLUTELY IMPERATIVE to KEEP THEM OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN, who like us, find them very amusing, but risk swallowing them or getting pinched when playing with them.
  2. neodymium magnets are FRAGILE: a brutal shock (fall, shock between two powerful magnets) can break them definitely. If that happens, we encourage you to throw away the fragments immediately.
  3. two powerful magnets, when bonding together, can PINCH very hard: when playing with them, keep in mind they are small monsters in comparison to their dimensions
  4. powerful magnets and the magnetic fields they generate can cause irreversible damage to magnetic data supports such as computer hard disks, floppy disks, ZIP disks, tapes... KEEP THEM AT LEAST 30CM AWAY FROM YOUR COMPUTER, YOUR CREDIT CARD OR ANY OTHER MAGNETIC SUPPORT

Please consult our precautions of use concerning neodymium magnets.


Neodymium magnets : the disc

Ø 10mm x 3mm
strength: 1.8kg

Neodymium magnet > the disc

super sticky dot...

  • diameter: 10mm / height: 3mm
  • bonding strength: 1.8kg
  • doesn't look much with its 3mm width, but it is formidably effective. Since it is not easy to seize, you are under the impression it sticks even more.
  • firm, sober and chic on photos for example

Neodymium magnets : the sphere

Ø 8mm
strength: 900g

Neodymium magnet > the sphere

the charmer...

  • diameter: 8mm
  • bonding strength: 900g
  • its plump appearance and small size conceals startling spirit, especially when stuck to its own kind
  • fun and very versatile

Neodymium magnets : the cube

strength: 1.1kg

Neodymium magnet > the cube

small but tough...

  • edge: 5mm
  • bonding strength: 1.1kg
  • a little brute so small it is difficult to seize
  • graphic and effective

Neodymium magnets : the small cylinder

small cylinder
Ø5mm x 8.47mm
strength: 970g

Neodymium magnet > the small cylinder

Jack of all trades...

  • diameter: 5mm / height: 8,47mm
  • bonding strength: 970g
  • good grip for this very slim but very effective cylinder.
  • effective and pretty in all circumstances

Neodymium magnets : the medium cylinder

medium cylinder
Ø6mm x 8mm
strength: 1.3kg

Neodymium magnet > the medium cylinder

powerful and docile...

  • diameter: 6mm / height: 8mm
  • bonding strength: 1.3kg
  • can be handled easily despite its high bonding strength
  • a iron hand in a velvet glove

Neodymium magnets : the big cylinder

big cylinder
Ø10mm x 10mm
strength: 3.9kg

Neodymium magnet > the big cylinder

the brute...

  • diameter: 10mm / height: 10mm
  • bonding strength: 3.9kg
  • thank god you can seize it properly, otherwise it would be complicated to manipulate: 2 big cylinders stuck together are quasi-inseparable
  • also know as the cap-catcher when used with the magnet bottle-opener
  • Mike Tyson of LaPaDD magnets (do not amuse yourself by using them as earrings, you would regret it)


Neodymium magnets : the monstruous parallelepiped
strength: 20kg

Neodymium magnet > the monstrous parallelepiped

the public threat...

  • dimensions: 25.4 x 25.4 x 12.7mm
  • bonding strength: 20kg
  • you want to play rough? you want to hang your bike to a metal girder? when you manipulate this magnet, you ask yourself how such a small object can exert such strength... If you use several, be very careful when manipulating them!
  • you want one? prepare yourself to a real challenge to the forces of nature!


flexibility of use - magnets have the great advantage of being moved at will, and thus prompt you to frequently renew their use. They also free the objects they hang

less holes - when you can avoid making holes, why go without them?

more creativity - neodymium magnets allow you to imagine new ways of tidying, organising, and presenting objects; paired with magnetic bulletin boards or magnetic metal strips, they again multiply the possible options.