SlyWolf wearable pouch for mobile phones and credit cards

  • 80% polyamide, 20% lycra
  • can be worn either on a belt or around the neck with a supplied carabiner strap
  • soft neoprene pouch for Blackberries, iPhones, and compact digital cameras
  • quick and easy closure with elasticized flip top
  • waterproof exterior, soft velvet interior for protection and cleaning the screen
  • secret zippered pocket in the back
  • colours: taupe, black, grey
  • certified Organic Exchange 100 Standard
  • design: Urban Tool (Austria)
  • made in Austria


black - 21.00 € TTC


3 good reasons

  • you like to travel light and keep your hands free
  • you feel reassured when your credit card and mobile phone are close to your body, attached to your belt or around your neck
  • you are looking for a mobile phone case that can securely hold your credit card and a couple of bills

how does it work?

1. choose the colour


2. slide your cell phone or your camera inside, and your credit card and a couple of bills in the zippered pocket

on y glisse son iPhone, Blackberry ou autre mobile ou lecteur MP3 ou petit appareil photo numérique Un rabat en néoprène permet une fermeture rapide, efficace et imperméable Une poche zippée discrète à l'arrière permet de transporter en sécurité une carte bancaire, quelques billets
the elasticized closure lets you open and close the pouch in a blink of an eye delivered with a strap and a carabiner, SlyWolf can be worn on your belt or around your neck a zippered back pocket is located on the back of the belt loop (pocket dimensions: 10 x 6cm)
SlyWolf, la pochette de ceinture pour smartphone avec poche secreteSlyWolf, la pochette de ceinture pour smartphone avec poche secreteSlyWolf, la pochette de ceinture pour smartphone avec poche secrete
You can wear your SlyWolf pouch around your neck, or, for maximum security, on your belt through the loop provided on the back of the pouch


Simple, chic, and classic, this neoprene pouch can hold a smartphone (Blackberry, iPhone, or other) or a small compact digital camera

Easy access thanks to the elasticized opening

Secret zippered back pocket to hide banknotes, credit cards, or an extra memory card pour your camera


easy access - smartphone addicts can get to to their phone as quickly as humanly possible

good price for good quality - Austrian design and fabrication, competitively priced

versatile - can be used as a belt pouch or be worn around the neck