sock clip Sock Lock

  • dimensions : H40mm, L50mm
  • weight : 3g a piece
  • recyclable polypropylene
  • machine washable upto 90°C
  • can be used in the tumble drier
  • pack content: 3 clips of each colour


3 good reasons

  • you cannot stand orphan socks anymore
  • you want to save time when you put your socks to dry
  • you've had enough of the drag of pairing up your socks once they have dried

how does it work?

Assembler les chaussettes sur la pince à chaussettes en les insérant dans les 2 fentes latérales

Mettez vos chaussettes avec la pince dans le panier à linge sale Mettez le tout au lave-linge jsqu'à 90°C

Step 1 - fix the sock lock on your dirty socks by wedging the socks in the slits designed for that purpose. You must stretch the sock to fix it in the sock lock: at the toe end of the sock for thin socks and on the ankle for thick socks.


Step 2 - put the whole lot in the laundry basket


Step 3 - wash your socks in the washing machine upto 90°C

Une fois vos chaussettes lavées, vous pouvez mettre le tout au sèche-linge   Ou bien à sécher sur la corde à linge   enfin, rangez vos chaussettes dans le tiroir, avec ou sans la pince à chaussettes

Step 4 - if you have a tumble drier, put your socks in with the sock lock


Step 4a - if you do not have a tumble drier, hang them to dry as shown above


Step 5 - put your socks away, with or without the sock lock...


Imported from Sweden where it is all the rage, the sock lock was invented and designed by Britt-Marie Lejhag; it is made by a company that used to make the famous Lego, the quality of which is legendary.

The polypropylene (100% recyclable material) used to make it is of premium quality, practically indestructible (even when trying really hard during stress tests, we did not manage to break it in two); its flexibility allows you to fix the socks and hold them strongly enough so that they remain a pair during the washing process, in the laundry basket, in the washing machine, in the tumble drier or on the clothes line.

Thanks to the sock lock, bye bye the drag of pairing socks up, bye bye orphan socks, the whole family gets involved, everyone has his/her own colour.


quality: the sock lock is an almost unbreakable and hard-wearing product. Withstands the washing machine upto 90°

usefulness: the sock lock reflex is a blessing for "laundry managers" in large families: it will save significant and so precious time.

simplicity: once you get the hang of it, fixing socks on the sock lock becomes easy as pie. Tests made on our children were conclusive after a week: for children aged 7 +, the skill is acquired