Spitzel removable iPhone® holder for bicycles by Fahrer Berlin

Never without my smartphone on my bicycle thanks to iPhone holder by Fahrer
  • Never without my smartphone on my bicycle thanks to iPhone holder by Fahrer
  • Never without my smartphone on my bicycle thanks to iPhone holder by Fahrer
  • Never without my smartphone on my bicycle thanks to iPhone holder by Fahrer
  • Never without my smartphone on my bicycle thanks to iPhone holder by Fahrer
  • Never without my smartphone on my bicycle thanks to iPhone holder by Fahrer
  • dimensions : silicone holder iPhone® 3G ou 4 format
  • materials: aluminium, rubber, velcro (silicone holder + velcro)
  • instant installation/removal without tools
  • for handlebars/tubes with a diameter of 22 to 27mm
  • attach iPhone® with holder and velcro
  • very easy to place iPhone® horizontally or vertically
  • absorbs vibrations and shocks
  • made in Germany by an association for handicapped people
  • design & trademark: Fahrer Berlin


3 good reasons

  • it is getting harder and harder for you to separate yourself from your iPhone® when you ride your bike, rent a Velib', mow the lawn, or push a shopping cart
  • you seek an iPhone® holder for your bicycle that can be installed and removed in a few seconds and that—the icing on the cake—can be switched from a Velib' to a stroller in the blink of an eye
  • you are lost without a navigation system but you are also convinced that cycling is the world's best mode of transport

how does it work?

un système ingénieux et efficace de fixation de l'iPhone sur le véloThe concept

An ingenious attachment where a piece of rubber tubing, slit open lengthwise, fits around the handlebars close to the stem (or any other tube that measures 22–27 mm in diameter, such as the handlebar of a pushchair, lawnmower, golf caddy, etc.) The whole thing is then tightly fixed to the bar by stretching the velcro element around the upper part of the aluminum plate; this activates an elasticized material (basically, a piece of inner tubing) that literally locks the holder onto the handlebars. Two seconds to put it on, two seconds to take it off. You put your iPhone® in the silicone cover, which has velcro on the back, then simply stick it on horizontally or vertically on the aluminum plate. More complicated to explain than to do!


Choosing a model

Choose the model that is suited to your phone, be it an iPhone® 3G/3GS or an iPhone® 4/4S. The attachment is the same for both, but the silicone cover must be the right size for your phone. So there are 2 different versions of this product: be careful when you order (use the pull down menu)!


Installation and removal

montage du support vélo Spitzel de Fahrer Berlinsupport iphone pour vélo : position horizontale ou verticale

  1. place the cut rubber tube around the handlebar (which should be clean and free of grease, if necessary, use the alcohol wipes that come with the product to clean) close to the stem.
  2. hold the elastic loop at the end of the rubber strap, stretch the strap (be careful to hold the middle of the loop and to pull towards the center of the aluminium plate without yanking too hard!). Attach the part with the velcro on the top of the plate (with the canvas flap provided). The tension on the strap will slacken somewhat when you let go.
  3. to change the slant of the holder, make sure to let go of the rubber strap first.
  4. put your iPhone® in the silicone cover (if it already has a cover, take it off) and attach it with the velcro in the position you wish.


Video (sorry, it's in German)

  ... and if, like in this example, you don't want to take off your gloves to use your iPhone, try Glove Tip, a conductive chip that lets you use a touch screen with gloves on!


Safety instructions

  • this product is only authorized when using this appliance will not take the user's attention away from the activity being practiced: always pay close attention to traffic when using on the street.
  • it is strongly advised that you stop riding or pushing before using the holder and/or the iPhone®
  • the covers are adapted to specific iPhone® models. We ask that you always use the cover adapted to your mobile phone model. Contact us if you need a replacement cover or a new cover for a different model.
  • the iPhone® can be attached to the holder in portrait or landscape format; always place your iPhone® in a central spot on the bar and check that it is firmly attached by pushing on the iPhone®.
  • the silicone cover is not waterproof. If the weather is bad, please temporarily take the phone off of the holder and put it somewhere where it won't get wet and risk damage.
  • we suggest that every time you use the holder, you check that the mobile phone is firmly attached before starting your activity. This holder was designed for non-professional use on paved roads. We guarantee that this product will function perfectly, but we are not responsible for damage or loss of objects.


In Berlin—a city that is very flat and spread out and where bicycles are a major means of transport—urban dwellers are creative, appreciate recycled or natural materials, are socially ahead of the game, and have a strong ecological conscious, but most of all, they like to design functional, efficient products.

Fixer son iphone sur son vélo, oui, mais aussi sur le caddie de golf, la poussette, le caddie de supermarché, la canne à pêche, la tondeuse...Fahrer's Spitzel iPhone® holder is the perfect example of the mix of functionality and good citizenship that is a hallmark of this European capital:

  • the product is handmade in Germany in workshops manned by handicapped people
  • it is made from quality materials, if possible natural and/or recycled: rubber for the inner tube, canvas, reinforced rubber tubing, recycled cardboard box, etc.
  • it is exceptionally functional and versatile: installation and removal in a few seconds, secure and effective fixation, placement in either vertical or horizontal positions. It can be used in numerous ways (can be attached to any tube measuring 22 to 27mm in diameter, on a bicycle make the most of sports apps, on a golf caddy count your points, on a supermarket shopping cart, check the ingredients of a recipe, on a stroller send a text message while pushing baby, on a lawnmower optimize your mowing with GPS...)
  • it allows you to make the most of certain iPhone® applications, for cycling, golf, and other sports and hobbies


simplicity - a simple design, very easy to use

functional - ultra-fast installation and removal so you don't have to leave it on the bicycle, can be placed horizontally or vertically

German quality - very strong, long-lasting materials, designed to last