super powerful pawn magnet

  • dimensions : height 30mm, diam. 13mm
  • weight : 3g
  • shell ABS plastic
  • powerful neodymium magnet
  • bond strength 2.6 kg (~25 sheets A4 paper on a magnetic board)
  • colours: white, black, pink, or orange
  • free delivery for orders over 70€


3 good reasons

  • you like it when the stack of recipes that you cut from magazines and stuck to the refrigerator door doesn't fall off when there's a draft
  • you like magnets that really stick
  • you like colour, simplicity and sleek design

how does it work?

Well...all you need is a ferromagnetic metallic surface (a steel heater, a refrigerator door, a metallic bulletin board, our metallic stick-on short...something ferromagnetic.

Note: not all metal is ferromagnetic.


Even if a magnet is just a magnet, we all need magnets from time to time...

Three centimetres high, a half-centimetre in diameter, but with a very high bonding strength, the pawn-shaped magnet serves its (simple) purpose: fixing what we want on a metallic service, being easy to manipulate, and if possible, having a nice design.


powerful - with a bonding strength of over 2.5 kg, you can firmly stick it to the refrigerator door, where it will easily hold many memos, sheets of paper, or newspaper clippings

practical - its pawn shape is very easy to pick up and handle

colourful - orange, pink, white, or black, there's something for everyone

our clients say it best

Aimant pion superpuissant sur le réfrigérateur

Thank you to Alix T. for this real life photo!