The Beak boot clip peg

  • dimensions : tube Ø 9mm L60mm
  • clip dimensions: 25x22x80mm
  • robust clip: up to 4kg
  • design: Vilhelmine Design (DK)
  • brushed stainless steel
  • polypropylene clip (PP)
  • delivered with quality universal wall plug
  • free delivery for orders over 70€


3 good reasons

  • you cannot stand seeing you nice boots distorted by gravity just because you are not wearing them
  • you want to nicely store and protect boots, ankle boots, thigh boots...
  • you are looking for a versatile, not cumbersome, and design peg

how does it work?

  1. assess the high of your boots and mark the space(s) where you wish to hang the boot clip peg(s)
  2. fix The Beak boot clip peg to the wall
  3. you can now use this brilliant storage system as you see fit to hook or hang:
  • boots, rubber boots, riding boots
  • ankle boots
  • thigh boots, waders (for hunters and fishermen)
  • one or two hangers for clothes or closet hooks
  • hats, gloves, mittens, scarves
  • oven gloves, tea towels, bath towels
  • tongs, dustpan, fireplace bellow, and protective glove for the chimney


This is a product, as we like them. Its inventor started from an obvious observation: when you take boots off, you put them on the floor; depending on their make, they either remain straight, or the leg bends and droops on the floor. A situation known to all, but the inventor does not understand why no one has found a solution (especially in Denmark, where they are very inventive in terms of objects). She hence designs it and has it manufactured. Tests it. Improves it. This is its second version.


quality: stainless steel and PP, oversize screws, Danish manufacture

utilitarian design: Danish tradition for quality and creativity strikes again. Furthermore, the inventor is pre-eminently a user of her product. This is the second generation, perfectly completed.

double functionality: firstly, your boots are suspended above the ground, so they stay in place, do not get distorted, and quietly wait for you to sniff them, and secondly, when you want to clean the floor, no need to lift each pair of boots single handedly one after the other to sweep or mop: you no longer waste time cleaning the entrance or the hall.