Thermo Pot bento style vacuum lunch box from Black & Blum

An elegant vacuum pot for homemade warm dishes
  • An elegant vacuum pot for homemade warm dishes
  • An elegant vacuum pot for homemade warm dishes
  • An elegant vacuum pot for homemade warm dishes
  • An elegant vacuum pot for homemade warm dishes
  • dimensions : ø 12.5cm x 17 cm
  • tariff code : 9617000000
  • holds 500 ml
  • stainless steel
  • cork, polypropylene and silicone top
  • keeps food warm for 5h
  • vacuum function
  • 10 year guarantee


Thermo Pot Black&Blum - 45.95 € TTC


3 good reasons

  • you are looking for the ideal solution to carry a meal that remains hot for quite a while for yourself or your children when they go on school trips
  • you are on a diet and wish to keep your healthy homemade soup nice and hot until lunch
  • you like beautiful functional objects and you think a vacuum style bento is so beautiful that it can also be used as a mini ice bucket

how does it work?

Functionalities of the Thermo Pot

  • the stainless steel pot keeps the food hot: soup, dishes with sauce, starchy food...
  • the cork, polypropylene and silicone top ensures an effective opening and closing system for your Thermo Pot as well as perfect airtightness and excellent isolation. The silicone part ensures the vacuum effect.

The two magnets on either side of the Thermo Pot allow you to attach the right spoon. You will therefore never be short of the right instrument to savour your meal.


About the vacuum flask principle

Know as Thermos® worldwide, the vacuum flask was commercialised from 1904 by the German company Thermos GmbH that holds the patent, even if the authorship of the process officially dates from 1892 and is attributed to the Briton Sir James Dewar. Creator of the Dewar vase, he did not patent his invention and got no compensation during his trial against Thermos.


Arsène d'Arsonval

The Dewar vase is the improvement of Arsonval's vase, who had already imagined the principle of the two welded concentric vases and had achieved dry vacuum in the recipient with a mercury pump. He then observed that a warm liquid placed in the inside vase cools down fifteen to twenty times slower than if the isolating envelope did not exist... This protection is even more efficient if you place the device in a very cold liquid...

It is therefore at the very beginning of the 19th century that Arsène d'Arsonval (1851 - 1940), doctor, French pioneer of medical electricity and great engineer, but above all great visionary (he created the telegraph, participated in the development of the cordless telephone and numerous medical devices, initiated the creation of the company Air Liquide by studying the liquefaction of gases, and proved that one could use electricity for resuscitation thanks to defibrillators and artificial breathing devices). He said in 1881:


Channelling electricity is generalizing power. But there is more to it. Transporting power a long way is being able to do without coal, the provision of which is getting scarce, being able to use natural forces lost until now. In the near future (...) we will see the water from our rivers, winds and tides setting in motion powerful electric machines from where a network of cables will leave, travelling across the country and distributing along the way its power to industry and agriculture. Remember (...) that thanks to science, the impossibility of yesterday will be the banality of tomorrow.


With regards to packed lunches, the Thermo Pot distinguishes itself from the other solutions we already offer on the website. Little overview of the advantages of each solution:


Lunch Pot de Black & Blum : facile à transporter, compartimenté, élégant


The Lunch Pot

Advantages: easily carried thanks to its handle + separates cold from hot.

Drawback: more adapted to soft food

See Lunch Pot

Thermo Pot Black & Blum : un thermos pour les aliments design et fonctionnel


The Thermo Pot

Advantages: maintains food hot or cold for 5h, ideal in the forest for example + important capacity (500ml)

Drawback: cannot contain a whole menu (starter, main course, dessert, drink)

See Thermo Pot

La boite type bento compartimentée ultra fonctionnelle


The Bento style Lunch Box

Advantages: separates hot from cold + can hold salads thanks to the French dressing container included + can be heated in the microwave + its fork knife is ingenious.

Drawback: big eaters will find doses a bit small.

See Appetite Lunch Box

Brown Paper Bag isotherme : un sac isotherme en tyvek déguisé en sac kraft iconique


The Insulated Bag

Advantages: keeps food cool + fits perfectly at the bottom of a bag + gathers a whole picnic together.

Drawback: does not separate hot from cold

See Insulated Brown Paper Bag


robust: 10 year guarantee on the vacuum closing system

design: simplicity and class characterise this Thermo Pot that will span generations and trends successfully

practical: young mothers, no need to heat your baby food jar, homemade or not. Heat it at home and keep it warm in the Thermo Pot