traditional beech wood and rubber bootjack

  • dimensions : L35cm x width 11.5cm x height 10.5cm
  • weight : 306g
  • oiled beech wood
  • rubber inner piece and anti-skid discs
  • size also adapted to small children or women's boots
  • design: Redecker (Germany, brush specialist for more than 75 years)
  • made in Germany


bootjack - 12.90 € TTC

3 good reasons

  • removing your shoes or boots is sometimes a challenge because of your back pain
  • your children go riding and you'd rather they took off their boots themselves
  • you hunt, ride, garden, build terraces, fish....

how does it work?

The bootjack is a simple and efficient way of getting hold of the heel of your shoe or boot without bending down, and removing it without using your hands:

utilisation du tire-bottes

  1. place one foot on the flat part of the bootjack (where the 6 anti-skid discs are).
  2. place the heel of the other foot in the front curved part of the bootjack: it must be wedged
  3. lift your knee, the boot remains caught in the bootjack
  4. repeat the operation with the other foot.


There are few models of bootjacks, and the two most common are made by Redecker. Having tested both, we strongly recommend this one because it adapts to all shoe and boot sizes (even our children's) and the rubber strip in the curved part enables you to properly wedge the heel of the boot to be removed.


tested - a standard model that has a proven record

functional - curved part adapted to all shoe/boot sizes, rubber anti-skid discs and strip, this is the best designed bootjack on sale

eco-responsible - made of oiled beech wood, this bootjack has travelled less than 700km (it is made in north Rhineland/Westphalia, Germany) to reach our warehouse