universal bottle candleholder

  • dimensions : diam. 85mm h. 70mm
  • stainless steel
  • rubber
  • designer: Klaus Goebbels
  • free deliver for orders over 70€


Cappo universal candleholder - 12.00 € TTC


3 good reasons

  • you like to put candles in your empty bottles but not to see wax drip all over your table
  • you don't have room to store candleholders, but you want to offer your guests a chic candlelight ambiance
  • you like elegant, timeless, and functional design from Germany


The idea of putting a candle in a bottle is not really new; it seems only natural: an empty wine bottle is the perfect height for a candlestick. The down side of this home-made version are wax stains, which are extremely difficult to clean.

The universal bottle candleholder is the solution to this problem: its cone-shaped rubber base makes it easy to place it on most bottles.

Its wide, stainless steel ring (85mm diam.) catches all the wax that falls from the candle, thus protecting your tablecloth and/or your table.


simplicity: we didn't even need to write instructions

versatility: placed on a glass or stuck in a bottle, the universal bottle candleholder lets you put your candles where you want, offering many creative possibilities.

usefulness: can be used by candle fans as well as those who are worried about electrical blackouts...