white self-adhesive metal bar with magnets

Memo with white self-adhesive metal bar with magnets
  • Memo with white self-adhesive metal bar with magnets
  • dimensions : L 30 or 50cm, H 4cm
  • weight : 153g (30cm) • 256g (50cm)
  • 1mm thick white thermo lacquered steel
  • powerful foam adhesive to compensate for the ruggedness of the surface
  • can be positioned horizontally or vertically
  • design: Trendform (Switzerland)
  • made in Taiwan (grrr)
  • delivered with 5 (30cm) or 7 (50cm) neodymium magnets, bonding strength 700g
  • free delivery for orders over 70€


3 good reasons

  • you want to make the most of this small area on your wall to stick your memos, notes, tickets, shopping lists, photos, or your children's drawings
  • you are looking for a small display area easy to install on any wall, and where you can modify the content frequently and rapidly
  • you like art galleries and are very keen to always exhibit your offspring's latest works of art

how does it work?


  1. choose and thoroughly clean the surface on which you want to stick your metal bar
  2. remove the protective film and stick the bar at the desired place, horizontally or vertically - the use of a level is recommended for a perfect horizontal/vertical installation



You can use the magnets supplied (5 for the 30cm bar, 7 for the 50cm bar) to fix what you want:

  • notes, memos, schedules
  • post cards, photos, business cards
  • drawings, diagrams, scale models, etc...
  • using magnetic hooks, you can also hang keys, badges, scissors...

With this 1mm thick steel bar, the use of more powerful magnets allows you to fix heavier objects: we invite you to look at our range of simple neodymium magnets if you need additional magnets, as well as our special neodymium magnets for specific use.


This auto-adhesive metal bar for magnets is a cross between the metal self-adhesive strip (to be cut with scissors) and the magnetic bulletin board:

  • foam adhesive: allows you to stick the metal bar very easily to a wall, whatever the coating (except if the coating is flaking)
  • 1mm thick metal: rigid, it allows you to fix relatively heavy objects if used with stronger magnets than those supplied with the bar
  • economical: despite its Swiss origin, its Taiwanese manufacturing of course increases its carbon footprint (and we are sorry about that), but significantly reduces its price, without sacrificing quality.


simple - a simple lacquered steel bar, 50 or 30cm long, a foam adhesive to stick to all surfaces, and magnets!

sober - suitable for all interiors, whatever your style

practical -if it can go unnoticed, this discrete metal bar turns any stretch of wall into a metal board and allows you to enjoy the versatility and simplicity of use of magnets